Communities First Nordic Walking Programme

In Croydon there are 9,860 older people who are lonely and 5,423 older people who experience intense loneliness. There are also 17,227 people aged 18-64 who are socially isolated.

Thanks to the Groundwork in association with the Mayor of London Funding, we have been able to deliver this project. Nordic Walking is a very sociable form of exercising. Due to its low impact movement, it enables easy conversation with other walkers and being outdoors means it can be carried out in a safe socially distanced way. It is particularly good for people who have been isolated or feel isolated, who wish to connect with others and want to enjoy the structured outdoor activity. It is also a proven and accessible form of physical activity that has assisted many people suffering from mental health. Mind Research in 2018 showed that Nordic Walking has a positive effect on:

  • β€’ Depression,
  • β€’ Sleep disorders
  • β€’ Mood, and
  • β€’ Self-esteem

What Some Participants Said About The Programme

"I thought it was a great time out, was impressed how you arranged the social distancing, well thought out, especially during the signing in period. Your awareness of Adult Autism was first class, experience counts for a lot in difficult times. Your staff and the Nordic Walking Trainer were all confident in their roles; friendly atmosphere. Looking forward to Wandle Park hopefully with better weather 😎."

Cheers, Grateful

Paul, InAspectrum Autism Group Leader

"The first time that I heard about Nordic Walking was when I received the email advertising it. The people in the image looked like they enjoyed it, so I thought, why not? I am so glad that I did. The first week was a bit iffy as it was so cold, but I must admit that I really liked it. I wasn't put off. The team, with Adam and Yvonne, plus the other participants made it fun. I don't like going to the gym, and this being outdoors in nature and fresh air made it even better. Doing an exercise that is different to what I've done before, whilst meeting new people is great. My fitness has improved as I'm using muscles not generally used in other exercises. The lockdown has prevented us meeting together as we would like, but I'm motivated to continue Nordic Walking πŸ‘©πŸ¦―even after the course comes to an end. Yvonne, you've been great!

Thank you" πŸŒŸπŸ˜„


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