Communities First Community Well-Being Service

Our Community Well-Being Service is a collaboration of bespoke workshops and support programmes (including online courses), that cover the following areas, Mental Health and Well-Being, Physical Fitness, Financial Well-Being Training, Education and Employment, Motivational Talks and workshops on current issues, such as bullying and racism.

Mental Health and Well-Being – We offer mental well-being support programmes that will raise the aspirations and help to realise the full potential of disadvantaged people in their communities.

Motivational Strand (Paul Canoville Foundation) – Their workshops and programmes will offer easy to use strategies to deal with life impacting issues such as racism and bullying.

Physical Well-Being Strand (Academy Conditioning) – Academy Conditioning promotes health and well-being through fitness testing clinics and workshops. They'll provide participants with a framework to build and sustain a healthy lifestyle, the ultimate protection against poor health.

Education and Employment Strand (Careers in Football) – There are several career opportunities for young people in football and the 'Careers in Football Workshops' will take participants along the first steps of discovering and following these opportunities.

Financial Well-Being Strand - The support 'Financial Well-Being Service' will offer with their programme will literally transform participants understanding of the support and resources available to them to help them make better and added value financial decisions.

Our 'Community Well Being Service Programme' will help to forge a culture of understanding and support for the vulnerable young people give them positive experiences. It will also help to improve the general, financial, and physical well-being concerns facing young people post Covid.